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If you’re here for the first time, welcome.

For those of you who are return visitors, a short bit of explanation. Websites, like buildings or hairstyles, require maintenance and updating. They can fall out of fashion or become stuck -- quaint bits of nostalgia, defended with phrases like “but that was the style bac .” This site has been rehabbed as a sort of online time capsule.

I created the site in the late 1990s while working as a business reporter, meeting lots of newly-funded executives and well-paid PR agents. The site was a portfolio of my articles and has been updated to prove that I wrote for ‘serious’ news outlets – the ink-on-paper journals that are rapidly becoming as quaint as stone tablets or papyrus.

These days, I teach the skills of news reporting to college students and work with executives to sharpen their marketing messages. I still write for publications and, occasionally, I post some new material here – so perhaps this electronic scrapbook will remove some of that ‘Old Economy’ paper from my desk.

Thanks for stopping by, and for taking a ride in the Internet’s Way-Back machine.

Details of my new incarnation can be found at Gamechange LLC if you haven’t already searched to discover the many places I exist online.