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During more than 20 years as a news reporter the news business has gotten faster and more complex. I began writing for newspapers, then magazines, websites and blogs – and I’ve gone from employee to free agent and entrepreneur. Unlike sports writers or movie reviewers who can’t compete on the field or the stage, business reporters can indulge the belief that they’re as smart or capable as the people they cover.

Curiosity still motivates me and ensures learning something new every day. As a native-born New Yorker and skeptic, the ability to talk to strangers came naturally. The chance to earn a living doing work I enjoy was – and is – the unexpected bonus.

Pursuing emerging subjects and navigating the confusion of new technology or innovation is another critical reason for getting up in the morning. Whether telling the stories of companies, people, ideas or products the goal is the same – evaluate the claims and benefits, explore the history and tell a story in an entertaining and informative way.
Dave Wallace